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Snyprr Marketing is a full service

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Digital Nova Scotia

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Cape Breton Island

Our primary mission is to serve the Local Small Business community with the same tools (or better) as those provided to Big business.

We FULLY understand that you have the exact same marketing needs as BIG business but without their big budgets, and that’s OK!

Our focus is getting you the marketing results you deserve at a price you can afford. Running a successful business doesn’t need to break your budget.

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What we do

We offer lots of different digital marketing services and specialize in helping the local small business owner. Here are some of the most common services you will receive from us in order to stay ahead of your competition.


Marketing Research

Knowing what works and what doesn’t simply comes down to whether you have the right information to help you make the right business decision. Research is KEY! We can help.

Brand Identity

Building a brand doesn’t just happen on its own. We’ll help you establish a recognizable presence in your local area so your folks think of you before your competition.

Custom Content Creation

Sharing your product offering with the world means you give your customers a unique reason to do business with you instead your competition. Providing Custom Content is essential to maintaining a long term relationship with your customers.

Social Media Management

There is SO much Social Media content out there it is hard to keep up AND standout. We’ll help you create and manage your Social Media channels. We can even create Ads to drive traffic to your specific channels if you want.

Web Design

Visitors want to learn more about you and your products. Social media sites alone are not enough to give your visitors the true sense of what it is do business with you. A Website is still a critical part of your online presence.

Custom Photos & Videos

Forget using the same free stock footage everyone else has on their sites. When prospects & customers visit your site they want to see you, your staff and other customers  – We’ll create you Custom digital assets so you never look like your competition ever again.

Generating New Ideas. Solving Big Problems

Digital Marketing is all about staying relevant and that means you always need new ways of capturing your new prospects and existing customers attention. Whether it’s with a video, an email, or an entirely NEW product or service. They have a need – You have their solution!


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Why we are different

Leadership means everything. Our own leader has worked with many Marketing experts like Dan Kennedy, Ryan Deiss, Brian Tracy, Ryan Phillips and many more.

We have partnered with marketing industry leaders like CEOs Jamie Ohler & Dean Gilmore to bring the power of customized and personalized digital marketing tools directly to you, the local small business owner.

Gary Levesque is highly educated and experienced in the design and launch of digital marketing assets for today’s business environment.

Gary is a Best Selling Author, Award Winning presenter, and Certified Digital Marketing expert who continues his personal growth through constant training & education efforts. He is now focusing on obtaining a certification in Reputation Marketing Strategies – a technique which leverages a business’ own reputation to generate more prospects, leads & customers which ultimately creates more business revenue.

Our team gets its inspiration from Gary as we are constantly seeking out new and exciting ways to bring modern digital marketing tools to the local small business environment. We often get access to cutting-edge/first-to-market tools that even larger marketing agencies don’t get.

Put Snyprr Marketing to work for you! Click “Learn More” below and become a Snyprr yourself. Your competition will curse you for it 😉


Check out some of our recent work for Local Small Businesses like yours
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Our Skills

Experts state the new way of engaging with your audience is to provide them with a “Custom & Personalized” experience when they interact with your business. Here are some of reasons why you need our digital marketing expertise.

Developing and implementing a strategy to provide the Best possible value to your audience is essential. Following up with a custom client experience is how you keep them coming back. Here is how you do it.
  • Strategy & Research – 90%
  • Social Media Advertising – 92%
  • Custom Video Content – 94%
  • Personalized Video Ads – 89%

Award Winning


Let us put our awards to work for you. Gary’s reputation as a leader, best selling author and award winning presenter don’t mean anything unless they get you results for your business.

The Local Small Business environment is competitive so you need every advantage you can get your hands on to stay ahead of your competition, without breaking the bank.

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